Telecom Audit & Assessment

You could be overspending on telecommunication bills by as much as 35%!



The first step in any serious effort to organize telecom processes is to decipher the telecom talk, billing logic and legalese of current services.

Our auditing process provides you with a detailed record of lines, circuits, services and equipment, while simultaneously reducing costs through carrier refunds, eliminating billing errors, reducing excess costs and optimizing rates and contracts. We know how to interpret the arcane terminology and codes that often mask billing errors and will help ensure that you don’t get the runaround.

We use a stringent 5-phase process:

  • Data Collection – we identify every document, circuit, service and contract, and contact every phone number
  • Analysis and Verification – we’ll identify telecom usage patterns, billing errors, obsolete circuits and incorrect telecom rates
  • Optimization – we’ll review your current contracts against industry best practices, negotiate the best contract terms and help you plan for future growth
  • Implementation – we’ll help implement any necessary changes to services and contracts to streamline the process and speed savings and efficiency
  • Verification of Savings – we verify and validate that any previously identified savings are actually achieved, implemented and demonstrated

The process culminates with a Summary of Findings, a line-by-line report that covers every facet of your telecom operation. Our fluency in the languages of telecom enables us to provide you with a level of detail that is unmatched. We’ll first save you money, but we consider it an added benefit of our true goal, which is to make sense of the nonsense so you can maintain long-term understanding of your telecom operation.



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