Managed Services


Mission critical application performance is the number one challenge facing IT executives today. A study by the Aberdeen group shows that 58% of enterprises are unsatisfied with the performance of their mission critical business applications. This translates to lost revenue, damage to brand reputation, and decreased effectiveness of IT staff.

Managed Services
Growing Complexities of the IT Infrastructure
Datacenter consolidation
Server virtualizaion
WAN optimization
Network-wide encryption
IP Telephony

Technology trends aimed at optimizing Application Delivery Infrastructure are creating growing complexities for companies trying to manage their Application infrastructure. These trends include datacenter consolidation, server virtualization, WAN optimization, network-wide encryption, and network-intensive IP Telephony. These trends have made it increasingly complex to properly isolate and resolve critical performance issues before they affect the End User. Ensuring that revenue -generating Applications are delivered with a high-quality experience for the end user is job one for the IT Manager. The ability to maximize return on IT investments and manage performance of all critical systems - from the Data Center to the desktop - requires an investment in tools, time and resources.

Many organizations don't have a team responsible for monitoring the overall performance of their IT infrastructure and leave the responsibility to the individual workgroups that remain segment focused. IT organizations are wasting substantial resources chasing application performance problems. The diagnostic and troubleshooting process can best be compared to searching for a "needle in a haystack".

To address these concerns, Innovative Telecom Group Inc, represents Global Linking Solutions, providing Application Performance Management to identify application delivery performance issues. Application and Network Performance Management is the process of leveraging advanced monitoring, diagnostics and reporting tool to monitor and evaluate the performance of the customer's application delivery infrastructure.


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