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Our company started as a single-source agency for a major global telecommunications company. Over the years we realized that we were doing our customers a disservice by only representing one company. We were not able to provide options that would give them the best possible solutions.

As telecom technology evolved, it became clear that we needed to change our business model as some carriers were able to deliver better services than others. Hence, we searched for the best telecom carriers we could find in each of their respective fields and areas. The results were amazing.

Innovative Telecom Group Inc, is now a full-featured telecommunications and data consulting company, bringing our clients the best products and services available in the industry. We incorporated “best-in-class” telecommunications service providers that are leaders in their respective technologies, providing us with a national footprint and allowing us to be able to service a broader range of customers.

Innovative Telecom Group Inc, represents leading edge companies in telecommunications, VoIP, Data, Cloud Computing, WAN/LAN Network Management and Wholesale Carriers. We have a complete and thorough range of telecommunications products and services that represent the latest business-class technologies.

Our Technology Consultants are trained to evaluate your business practices, review your current telecom and data uses, ask questions about the future of your business and make appropriate recommendations that fit your needs and your budget. In almost all cases we are able to save our customers money while providing better services than they currently have. 



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